Saturday, October 30, 2010

lets keep it simple!

Not a stone unturned. You tried your best.. and possibly a little more.

I am sure all of you would have gone through such moments. You know you want it and you believe thats the right thing to happen.. and you do everything within your control to make it possible. But somehow things don't happen the way you desire. They say when you want something very badly.. thats when he plays with you.. and he tests your patience. your tolerance..

During all such times all you can do is to sigh helplessly and wonder what is he preparing me for.. what does he want me to understand.. what has he in store for me.. what is it he wants me to look that i am overlooking.. where is it that i need to bring in those corrections or adjustments.. questions pop up... what are the signs that he is showing that am not seeing.. possibly he wants me to develop acceptance.. possibly he wants me to fight harder.. for the harder you fight the more you cherish and the more meaningful your victory becomes. Does he want it my way? or does he want it his way? Should i accept and give in? or should i be more stubborn and more rigid? What is it that i want? and at what cost do i want it? what is the "trade off" am willing to pay.. accept...

I cant help but wonder at the design of life.. it creates in you a strong desire and makes you feel you are in control of your life.. yet there is a twist and it also shows you how helpless you are in fulfilling that desire. Hee!! my friend says its all about choices and what you are willing to trade off.. So true cant help but agree she has a point.. but somehow i am fascinated by this paradox of desiring yet not being able to get it...

Possibly this intellectual mind of mine cant comprehend or understand the logic behind the whole thing.. but from somewhere deep within a voice whispers.. "charavati  charavati" (keep going keep going) and the heart cries "lets see how the game goes!"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"little hearts"

They walk into your life as you step into a new world. A world of knowledge and wisdom.
You start as cry mates, crying all the while.
You never know when this bond becomes that of laughing.
Soon you find yourself in each others company crying out of laughter.
Then comes a time.. i call it the cribbing time.. anything and everything about the world you crib.
You feel why the world around you is so dumb.. not accepting your opinions not understanding your view points..
During all those times the bond becomes that of a supporting pillar.
Slowly you start appreciating and seeing the beauty around you.. during all those times they become your sight seeing buddy..
During time of need they become the shoulder you lean on..
Slowly.. gently.. even without your knowledge.. they creep so much into your heart..
That one fine day you understand somehow..somewhere this bond has become so much a part of you..
That you no longer think of them as apart from you..

Friday, October 22, 2010

here i go again !! :)

hee hee guys!! based on the overwhelming response for my first telugu goes another one..

This will go way beyond your expectations!! So fasten ur seat belts and here i go..

Imagine a scenario.... everybody but you have work in office, people who rarely work also seem to be occupied or posing to be occupied with work. All phone lines are busy.... when you are vetti the whole world seems to be busy!! Out of one such vetti hour.. one more jewel has been added to this precious treasure of mine :)

Kit kat thinandi break velandi..
Manishulu busy andi.. 
Wait cheyadam thappadhandi..
Andukenandi calendar blocking antaru..
Meeting requests pamputaru..
Meru cheppandi time undhandi..
Antha scene enduku le andi..
Meru chala busy andi..
Kaani hardly working andi.
So appudappudu work thappadhandi..
Bye andi
Deal a no deal andi??.. :D

This is written in a language called 'andi language' that has its script borrowed from telugu.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My first attempt..

My first attempt... yahoo my first attempt.. guys you might like it.. if not ensure u love it.. heee heee you dont have a choice..

For those who dont understand.. sorry guys cant help it.. the whole fun will be lost if i translate it for you.. the idea was to make this my first attempt..

So here it goes.. my first attempt in my mathrubhasha.. my mother tongue.. a language thats very personal and close to my heart.. a language i first spoke as a child...


Sneham ki artham nuvve..
Pranamlo kalisipoyina swasam nuvve..
Kanti reppala  kalalo undedhi nuvve..
Na sarvasvam nuvve..
Etu chusina nee bhimbham..
Etu vellina nee rupam..
Etu vethikina dorakaledu nuvvu..
Na Gundelo daachukunnavu..

The essence is.. God you are the epitome of friendship, dissolved in my heart like the air that passes into me, protecting me the way eye lids protect the eyes, you are my everything. You seem to be there everywhere outside me. Yet the search outside is still on.. while you secretly rest within my heart.

Guys you got to accept now... that i am a telugu girl after all!!! :)

Closing Ceremony

Never felt more patriotic about my country ... proud to be an India.. what a ceremony.. world class.. or should i say India redefined....

So electrifying.. scintillating.. so much of energy. mind blowing.. pulse accelerating.. thats how the closing ceremony of the common wealth games concluded..

Bravo Delhi!! Bravo India!! Proud of my country!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Existential timing

Just a run through of few years in my life..

Cleared my twelth standard exams with good marks and decided to take up Chartered Accountancy. Dad insisted on me going to college. Given that i did my schooling in a Christian institute the obvious choice was Stella.. but things did not work out the way we wanted and i ended up in Ethiraj evening college.. I did not like it as none of my school friends joined along with me.. Little did i know when i stepped into the college i will find a treasure which i will cherish for my lifetime.. Got a very very sweet friend who is today my best best friend.. :)

Joined CA and after lots and lots of debate joined articleship in my uncle's firm. My first job and it meant a lot to me.. with lots of questions i walked into the office. Little did i know when i stepped into that office i will find another sweet cute friend who is today another best friend of mine.. :)

Cleared CA got placed through campus placements in an MNC in Bangalore.. relocated for the job. Dont ask me how the first few months were.. away from home i was totally messed up.. New place, new office, no friends, no known faces.. nobody to talk to.. it was very difficult. But as time passed and i looked around... i realized i was surrounded by friends. Be it my roomie..or my team mate.. or buddy.. or my crazy sindhi friend... :) Little did i know when i stepped into blr that i will find such lovely friends and a sweet buddy.. :)

Two years in blr.. lots of activities happening in life.. decided to relocate back to Chennai. Started looking out for a job seriously and landed with one in no time. In the process found a different friend... again little did i know what was in store for me when i relocated back.. :)

Four months in the city.. a question of relocation came up again... few learning experiences.. few tough decisions had to be taken.. little did i  know the bigger picture... Life continued....
Subject plus a project of Alma Mater is something i always wanted to be a part of, this year got a chance to participate in it... and I finished it successfully.. in process i understood there is always a bigger picture in life...

Today as i was sitting in the concluding session of subject plus.. with masterminds no longer compulsory.. i was stumped by yet another twist.. This is the first mm that is not mandatory after subject plus.. and i am skipping it.. :) timing thats all i can say..

So many times i have been told about fate.. about destiny.. about a divine plan that guides us through.. Never have i realised its presence in my life to such a great degeree.. i can go on and on with so many "little did i know when i stepped in" experiences in my life.

Just looking back at all those moments in life.. in each disappointment.. or should i say in each change or each transition i have found someone special walking into my life.. so many of these people, i know will remain with me for a long long time...or should i say a lifetime.. :) i have to wait and see.. but experiencing them has been a wonderful wonderful experience.. these are people outside the family yet they all seem so much a part of the family..  :D

Love you guys!!

Sunday is coming... why dont you take a few mins off.. press the rewind button and look at all your blessings... which have come into your life...invariably you will be in awe at the perfect timing..

i call it existential timing.. !!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

the more i see..

Cute poem.. not mine though.. just thought of sharing..
Cant help but wonder at the poet behind the poetry.. its sooooo romantic.. :)

Each time I look at like the first time
Each time you're near me
The thrill is new..
And there is nothing
That I wouldn't do for..the rare delight of the sight
Of You!
The more I see you..
The more I want you..
Somehow this feeling..just grows and grows
With every sight..
I become more mad about you
More lost without you!!

PS.. its just an innocent sharing ok.. no ulterior motive.. !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sometimes you just cant help it...

i have been warned of consequences if i write this article... but sometimes you just cant help it.. human tendency i would call it.. but i know some would say its sheer kollupu.. sheer timuru.. sheer bandha.. and rebelliousness.. yeah.. whatever be it sometimes you just cant help it.

Okay i know i have tested your patience enough. The point is i went for a walk today early in the morning for forty five mins. Ya.. i did need some motivation and bro came along. Trust me the first line he uttered as we were about to begin our walk was.."mind you go and post this in your blog.. and you will surely face the consequence". One thing i like about my bro is sometimes he talks sense.. and today was no exception. As  we were about to finish our walk.. (one he was surprised i covered so much distance in so less time.. two he jogged and i walked still it looked as if i worked out more) jokes apart he said something very beautiful... he said there is nothing great about doing things once.. doing it consistently is when you can take the pride in telling the world you did....

So why am i writing this article with just one day of walking... hee heee when you are threatened you surely wish to explore the possibilities.. and you just want to prove the point... sometimes you just cant help it..

love u bro..

Friday, September 10, 2010

ah hmm.. its so nice to be lazy..

Thursday started as a normal day.. ya as usual got up late rushed to office.. first half of the day I worked and then... the weekend fever caught upto me.. the festivity in the air infected me.. and i started existing and lazing around in office.. (result seating arrangements :D)

After a long time (say almost two months) tasted the delicious chocolate ebony with vannila ice cream and chocolate sauce.. yummy yummy what a treat to eat.. just melting in my mouth.. hmm my taste buds were elated.. :D

Came home.. again lazed around for a while took my lappy and started watching a cute nice funny telugu movie.. (again a treat after two months.. late night movie watching). Obviously the result got up at ten.. ate at eleven and two o clock am still debating if its too early for a bath.. :).. Aaahaa..there is a magic in ten o clock .... Elders consider it a curse while we consider it a boon.. a treat.. a therapy.. that relaxes us.. and helps us appreciate life.. heee hee these are times we become cranky and would laugh at the worst mockery directed at us.. we are at peace complete peace.. wow getting up at ten o clock what a treat... :D

It gives a feel that life is never too fast.. gives a feel that you have all the time in the world.. some how its when you decide to do nothing.. time comes to a halt telling you its your servant and you are the master.. Cant help but think of all those days I was chasing against time wishing and praying minutes would move as  hours and hours as days.. but of course its when you desperately wish the opposite happens..

Laziness.. hmmm..yummm.. what a word.. am all smiles as i think about the word.. Its so nice to be lazy... listening to mummy shout.. daddy give lecture.. friend stomach burning (as they work in office) sitting on the couch as if you are the princess of this universe in one end the world at your finger tip (lappy with net connection) and the idiot box fully at your service (no one day.. two day AC, BC matches to put up with.. hee hee bro got office..:)..) still in that semi sleep semi awake mood.. jaberring and talking what ever you please.. lazy to even get up .. hmm i feel like telling.. ahha..

For those who are reading this from office.. hee hee.. guys its totally totally intoxicating.. this laziness.. am keying words at the speed of a snail.. am to lazy to even think my next sentence.. every movement feels like an enormous effort.. its a beautiful state of mind.. hee hee

For those who are reading this from the comfort of home.. i know you can relate to me.. and let us together celebrate laziness.. somehow the word is often looked upon with disgrace.. lets give it, its due place.. once in a while laziness in required to appreciate the beauty and design off life..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

seating arrangements

never known seating arrangements could make a difference at work place..

Joined a new company and was allocated a desk..right opposite to my big boss.. few people in my team looked at me with a sense of vengance.. their stare seem to tell me this is not fair.. Little did i realise what they meant, until recently....

Due to various vastu reasons our team location was changed from one end of the floor to the other end.. and it so happened now all those people who looked at me with vengance, now look at me with a sense of satisfaction.. again i wonder.... and little did i realise until recently..

Human nature i tell you.. what delight in seeing some one go through the same uncomfortableness that we went through.. what delight in seeing someone in fix.. what delight in seeing some one get embarssed.. what delight in seeing some one controlled..

That was the satisfaction i saw in their faces.. my 22 inch monitor (which i was all smiles when i received it) has today turned a traitor allowing a forget 90 degree.. forget 180 degree.. forget 360 degree... i would say a three dimensional picture of what i do to my big boss.. yeah.. :(  it is his desk that is currently diagonal to mine giving him a perfect view of my monitor...

aaaaaaaaaggrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh!! what else can i do but be procative.. what else can i do but say no to procastination.. seating arrangements i tell you...... makes all the difference...!!! :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

romance under my nose..

There was this girl who always thought she could read people. Seeing someone i can make out what type of a person they are.. was a proud thought she always carried. She thought she was shrewd.. sharp..intuitive in detecting those type of feelings in others.. you understand right..those those type.. exactly.. :)

She had two very good friends.. and these two were among themselves very good friends. Now in this triangle of friendship starts the story.. the story of two good friends..

So you might be wondering why is the title romance under my nose.. its so called because.. these two good friends..slowly became the best of friends.. slowing became..boy friend.. girl friend to each other (sorry forgot to mention these two where from different gender) and then became fiance and soon will become life partners..

In their journey from good friends to life partners.. they have kept so many of us on our toes.. or edge of our seats.. as you may call it.. and we are still trying to figure out the romance that happened right under our noses..

Well we have a deal that someday.. possibly out the sheer interest that i have persistantly shown in knowing their love story and given the fact that i have stopped thinking they would take my case and share the story behind the romance that happened right under my nose..

Nose or no nose.. today it is wonderful to see both of them together and i wish and pray that all happiness and love showers into their lives and as the saying goes.. heaven on earth..i wish each moment of their life be a heaven on earth experience in their lives.. :)

love you both!! :)

small things

I just love this theme... :)

am wondering...

are these rain drops on the window sil..
are these dew drops on the car glasses...

wat ever be it.. it gives me a sense of high..nature how beautiful. and am so thankful to Him for giving me this heart to admire, adore, appreciate and love these small small things.. to many these are nothing..

have heard this statement several times and each time i wonder and each time i realise the truth behind it...
"Success is in the big things of life..
Happiness is in the small things of life....

small acts.. small thoughts.. small words.. small deeds.. small actions.. small gestures.. small chats.. small things..

thats all it takes to make your life happy and blissfull..

"love u" such a small sentence.. but the happiness it flowers in our hearts when we hear it from our loved ones.. as master card ad says.. priceless..!!!!

Small thats all it takes to build big and great lives..

There is nothing called insignificant..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A word... its called a thought!!!

Thoughts keep flowing, zillion thoughts at a time. Keep switching keep coming at a dizzy speed.

What is it that i want from life. What is it that i want from myself. What is it that i want to become? What is it that am craving for? What is it that completes me? What is.. this me? What is this life? What is it that i am expecting? Million thoughts.... random as they can be... zillion thoughts keep flowing in and out of mind..

Ha Ha! Whenever i start thinking in these lines my uncle would generally ask me, “Ramya don’t you have work to do?”

‘Thought’ what a beautiful word. A word that defines man, a word that makes man the greatest of all creations, a word that has the power to create or destroy life, a word that has no scientific relevance yet, a word that cannot be proved by science that does not get defined by science, a word that still baffles scientist, a word whose creation is unknown, a word whose birth is still a mystery, a word that’s all it is.. a word that’s all it seems to be.. a word after all... yet it is this word that runs our life.. it is this word that defines our life.. it is this word that shows us our calling, it is this word that makes us what we are and will take us to what we have to be, it is this word that creates our destiny, this word that authors our fate, this word... yes its just a word.. yet it is this word that becomes what we call as ‘life’...

Word.. as it may seem to be.. it has in it the power to create a universe of its own.. it has in it the power to construct a world.. it has in it the energy that runs the universe. Everything and everybody around you... why for that matter the very you... were just thoughts initially... that later came into being.. which later found expression. Irony isn’t it all we have to say about our thought is... oh! it was just a thought..

I wonder how many of us even take the time to know our thoughts. How many of us even know what are the most dominant thoughts in our head? How many of us even ponder.. stop for few seconds to understand and admire this design of life... ‘thought’. Busy world we are in.. competitive world that no longer gives us the time to be with ourself... a world that makes us a stranger to our own thoughts..

How many of us even understand how blessed we are. Blessed to be gifted with such mechanism.. blessed to be gifted with the intelligence to understand and decipher this mechanism.. blessed to have the knowledge and awareness about this mechanism.. blessed to have a spirit to convert this into reality...

Life is all about thoughts.. manage your thoughts and your life will be taken care of..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cute wishes....

Cleaning, Cleaning and Cleaning. Its really weird.. when u clean, you become dirty.... that's the beauty of the activity.

Last week after a week full of relaxation i was eagerly waiting for the weekend (of course to relax as i got tired during the week relaxing). It was one of those beautiful Saturday morning.. i got up with the idea that i am going to do nothing, for the day.. i was so happy it was going to be my lazy day. But as all of you know.. mummy's always have this extra-ordinary ability of making you switch gears. Just few hours into the day, i walked into my room with full determination and zeal. I decided to embark into the venture of cleaning the drawers in my table.. (yes you are right i am referring to that small table next to my bed)

You may ask me, Ramya for cleaning two drawers did you have to give one para build up.. but guys it took me close to four hours before i victoriously emerged out of the cleaning (of course dirty..)

It was a beautiful feeling though.. as i was cleaning came across my LKG to 12th Std mark sheet... it was an experience to go through them. There was a time when it meant so much... so many sleepless nights, tensed, anxious moments... and last week when i had the report cards in my hand... it was a euphoric feeling, i felt jubilant, ecstatic, delighted, triumphant, elated... i felt so good about myself from a tiny toddler to a Chartered Accountant.. what a journey!!! I have never felt more proud of myself..
As i unearthed (its a restricted area nobody in the family is allowed to touch it) so many more memories came gushing out.. so many cards.. so many wishes... each one of precious, so unique, so loving from people who are very close to my heart.. i am at loss of words to describe how much it all means to me today. Came across several wishes.. this one stood out... so just thought of sharing it with you guys. Here we go....

May God
Grant you Always....
A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel so nothing can harm you,
Laughter to cheer you,
Faithful friends near you,
and whenever you pray heaven to hear you....

I wish the same for all of you.... :)

What a way to end the week and that's how my Saturday ended. With a close up smile all through the evening... smiling to myself.. feeling good about everything and everybody around me. and here i go towards another weekend.. looking forward to and also wanting to be lazy...lets see if mom's talent is going to work this weekend and if yes what is it that i am going to discover..

Happy weekend.... :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh!!! I am growing....

There is so much to say, so much to write, thoughts cloud my mind, but words fail to express.
My heart cries aloud, but the mind refuses to budge, oh how am i caught in between this tuff dual.
Yet i chose to listen to my heart, and here i try to pour it out.
Time they say heals everything...time they say speeds across everything.... and it is this time that has changed so many things and yes my life is no exception...
It just seems like yesterday, i packed my bags to move towards a new dream, towards a rising horizon, towards a new career.
Away from loved ones. Away not knowing what it meant to be away. Not knowing what to expect, what to accept.. was the journey scary u would ask me..
Not just scary it was terrible i would say. Alone and lonely, scared to death (you know me brave face in the forefront), depressed yet cheerful, frightened yet optimistic.. yes that was me..something within and something outside..
It was different, difficult and stressful and slowing things seemed to change...the fog seemed to clear and i found a lot. My eyes opened to all the wonderful people around me, to all the good things that was happening to me, all the heart warming beautiful moments i experienced.. that i got to cherish for life time. So may good buddies.... so many good friends and so many good people.. i never knew relationships could mean so much. i experienced a depth i have never felt before, a blind love towards life the way i have never felt is beautiful when you see world with a different eye. The journey that started into the unknown with just one faith and belief carried me through and here i take another decision and in a whisker... just at the wink of an eye my life is taking a whole new turn..a whole new meaning ..a new perspective.

It may be stupid to hear it from me, but the fact is... it is still sinking in... its slowly seeping in... the fact and the thought that i am growing.... my loved ones are growing.... a new generation is coming in.....
It has hits me hard..each time i see that beard on my brother’s face..each time i hear my kid sister taking about kid brother negotiating with his mom...toddlers moving into high school... things are changing... growing around you and me.

Just stopped by to tell all of you that i love you and thanks for being there all along... supporting me encouraging me.... i still feel like a kid.... i don’t want to acknowledge that i am growing.. but the fact remains.... and it is still sinking in......
Oh!!! i am growing.. :)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Post in WIP.....

Wat is LOC between mokkai and humour.....

why my humour is always mistake as mokkai....Research underway.... will get back to you shortly!!!

PS: Thought of making the blog interactive.. so just tossing the thought over to you. So the ball is in your court... make good use it...... :)

Of course i wont ask you the question..."wat u think of this wip post" mokkai or humour...

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Change when monitored continuosly becomes a culture.
Change when monitored continuosly becomes a habit.

All of us have heard about this... but this next sentence gave a different perspective to the whole thing....

Why change if you are going to fall back to your old routine. Why change if you are going to end where u started and start where u ended, both being the same point... :)

A controversial view.... many may argue if this is the mindset how will people even attempt to change????

True its a pessimestic approach to take, but we will have to appreciate the truth in it. Havent all of us undergone this cycle of waiting for an occassion to take up a resolution and live by it for few weeks and then fall back to the old routine... again wait for another birthday,new year.. to take up the same resolution. But this time we do a good job we stick by it for more than a month.... again the old routine bekcons us and... we sure do fall back... and again and again... and today we have reached a point where people no longer take resolutions... cos they feel its futile......

So much we hear about change... so let us attempt it and live by it only if we want to make it a habit...

lets us not take it up and find ourselves... cursing and falling in our own eyes.. for each time we fall back... we fall in our own eyes.....
so why change... when u end up falling back .....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is it worth it?

Do you have the right to do this to your loved ones?
I had not know him very well, met a couple of times. From what I remember, he was a very nice guy, outspoken, friendly, ambitious, smart and intelligent. Eldest son of a middle class family, yes as most of the families they pinned their hopes on him. Hope for a better future, hope for a better quality of life, hope for a good standard of living, hope that they would grow up and move up in this lifetime. He was their hope and he too knew it.

He took up education with full vigour and joined a college in Chennai. Life was on a roll, he enjoyed the independence, the new sense of responsibility, the challenge his course offered and above all he loved what he was doing. One of the outstanding students in the class, he was all geared up for the campus interview.

Call it fate, blame it on your stars, call it by any name you want the fact remains the same. That day he decided to board an electric train to visit his aunt’s place and life has never been the same for his loved ones.

I was on a vacation when i heard the news of his loss. 20 years is this the age... a train accident... is this the way... I was shocked...I could not comprehend the facts; his family would not even get to see his remains. Whom do I curse? Do I curse the train? Do I curse the boy? Do I curse life? Do I curse God? Do I curse fate? Whom should I blame for the plight of his family? For the pain, the trauma, the suffering, the depression, the loss that the family would go through. Whom should I hold responsible?

Relatives and friends where frantically thinking of a way to break the news to the boy’s family. What could they tell, to a mother, whose entire life revolved around her son, a sister who looked up to her brother as a role model, a father who was taking pride and satisfaction in the way his son’s life was shaping, grandparents who lived their last few years with the hope to see him grow... to see him achieve. How do you tell this family that their son is no more?

In the midst of all these, one question in all our minds was, how did it happen? He was ran over by a speeding train as he was crossing the track. But how could he miss a train coming? How could he be so blind? So deaf? The answer was simple; he was talking on his mobile phone as he was crossing the railway track.

I was shaken. Had that boy waited to pick the call until he reached the platform, today he would have been alive. Irony isn’t it “Mobile Phone”, “I Pod”, “MP3 Player” seem to rule our life. While walking, jogging, crossing, driving, riding we are hooked on to them. Nothing seems to exist. Replying to that message becomes important as you are walking on the road, answering that phone call becomes vital as you are driving your car, listening to that song becomes a necessity as you are riding your bike, talking and listening, oblivious to everything happening around you seems correct doesn’t it? His life has taught me, it’s not worth it... that mess, that missed call, that song, that call is not worth it, not worth the risk, not worth the minute, not worth the safety I am trading, not worth the pain and suffering my loved ones would go through, not worth my future and ... it’s definitely not worth my life. I had to lose a cousin to realise this....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thathuvam corner

Happen to read a thathuvam... so sharing it with you goes like this, " Changing the face does not change anything but facing the change, changes everything!"