Thursday, October 14, 2010

My first attempt..

My first attempt... yahoo my first attempt.. guys you might like it.. if not ensure u love it.. heee heee you dont have a choice..

For those who dont understand.. sorry guys cant help it.. the whole fun will be lost if i translate it for you.. the idea was to make this my first attempt..

So here it goes.. my first attempt in my mathrubhasha.. my mother tongue.. a language thats very personal and close to my heart.. a language i first spoke as a child...


Sneham ki artham nuvve..
Pranamlo kalisipoyina swasam nuvve..
Kanti reppala  kalalo undedhi nuvve..
Na sarvasvam nuvve..
Etu chusina nee bhimbham..
Etu vellina nee rupam..
Etu vethikina dorakaledu nuvvu..
Na Gundelo daachukunnavu..

The essence is.. God you are the epitome of friendship, dissolved in my heart like the air that passes into me, protecting me the way eye lids protect the eyes, you are my everything. You seem to be there everywhere outside me. Yet the search outside is still on.. while you secretly rest within my heart.

Guys you got to accept now... that i am a telugu girl after all!!! :)


  1. i dont think anyone doubted that u r a telugu girl... u didnt have to write poetry to prove it.. :) :)

  2. purvi... it took me two full hours to write it .. :D so much of effort! :)

  3. Wau, to the extent I understood the poetry, its DAMN cool :) enna di nadakuthu??? More than like this one :D

  4. true nature comes out di..
    guess was a born poetess in my previous birth ..
    few traces of it rubbing in the current birth..
    anyways... 'hold yourself' i understand you are head over heels about.... :D

  5. Something is fishy!! i think there is some story behind this poem....

  6. hey buddy!! read the last line da.. proving a point.. that i can write telugu poetry