Friday, September 10, 2010

ah hmm.. its so nice to be lazy..

Thursday started as a normal day.. ya as usual got up late rushed to office.. first half of the day I worked and then... the weekend fever caught upto me.. the festivity in the air infected me.. and i started existing and lazing around in office.. (result seating arrangements :D)

After a long time (say almost two months) tasted the delicious chocolate ebony with vannila ice cream and chocolate sauce.. yummy yummy what a treat to eat.. just melting in my mouth.. hmm my taste buds were elated.. :D

Came home.. again lazed around for a while took my lappy and started watching a cute nice funny telugu movie.. (again a treat after two months.. late night movie watching). Obviously the result got up at ten.. ate at eleven and two o clock am still debating if its too early for a bath.. :).. Aaahaa..there is a magic in ten o clock .... Elders consider it a curse while we consider it a boon.. a treat.. a therapy.. that relaxes us.. and helps us appreciate life.. heee hee these are times we become cranky and would laugh at the worst mockery directed at us.. we are at peace complete peace.. wow getting up at ten o clock what a treat... :D

It gives a feel that life is never too fast.. gives a feel that you have all the time in the world.. some how its when you decide to do nothing.. time comes to a halt telling you its your servant and you are the master.. Cant help but think of all those days I was chasing against time wishing and praying minutes would move as  hours and hours as days.. but of course its when you desperately wish the opposite happens..

Laziness.. hmmm..yummm.. what a word.. am all smiles as i think about the word.. Its so nice to be lazy... listening to mummy shout.. daddy give lecture.. friend stomach burning (as they work in office) sitting on the couch as if you are the princess of this universe in one end the world at your finger tip (lappy with net connection) and the idiot box fully at your service (no one day.. two day AC, BC matches to put up with.. hee hee bro got office..:)..) still in that semi sleep semi awake mood.. jaberring and talking what ever you please.. lazy to even get up .. hmm i feel like telling.. ahha..

For those who are reading this from office.. hee hee.. guys its totally totally intoxicating.. this laziness.. am keying words at the speed of a snail.. am to lazy to even think my next sentence.. every movement feels like an enormous effort.. its a beautiful state of mind.. hee hee

For those who are reading this from the comfort of home.. i know you can relate to me.. and let us together celebrate laziness.. somehow the word is often looked upon with disgrace.. lets give it, its due place.. once in a while laziness in required to appreciate the beauty and design off life..

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