Wednesday, September 8, 2010

romance under my nose..

There was this girl who always thought she could read people. Seeing someone i can make out what type of a person they are.. was a proud thought she always carried. She thought she was shrewd.. sharp..intuitive in detecting those type of feelings in others.. you understand right..those those type.. exactly.. :)

She had two very good friends.. and these two were among themselves very good friends. Now in this triangle of friendship starts the story.. the story of two good friends..

So you might be wondering why is the title romance under my nose.. its so called because.. these two good friends..slowly became the best of friends.. slowing became..boy friend.. girl friend to each other (sorry forgot to mention these two where from different gender) and then became fiance and soon will become life partners..

In their journey from good friends to life partners.. they have kept so many of us on our toes.. or edge of our seats.. as you may call it.. and we are still trying to figure out the romance that happened right under our noses..

Well we have a deal that someday.. possibly out the sheer interest that i have persistantly shown in knowing their love story and given the fact that i have stopped thinking they would take my case and share the story behind the romance that happened right under my nose..

Nose or no nose.. today it is wonderful to see both of them together and i wish and pray that all happiness and love showers into their lives and as the saying goes.. heaven on earth..i wish each moment of their life be a heaven on earth experience in their lives.. :)

love you both!! :)

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