Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

26th Jan.. what is in it for you?

Holidays in the middle of the week is always a welcome as they make the week look really short. 
26th Jan seemed like just another day to me. Started the day like any other holiday.. lazing around.. reading books.. wasting time.. the only things i was looking forward was the catch up i would have with my friend.

I always look forward to these catch ups as these are times when we sit back to think.. from where to where and from here to where.. these are catch ups where we promise to each other that we will always be there for one another. Had a really good time it is always a treat to see your friends so happy and it was surely contagious :)

That night as i sat to reflect upon the happening of the day.. somewhere i realised it was the Republic Day. Lost in thought.....
As a kid i used to look forward to this day in so much of anticipation.. waiting to see the parade.. waiting to see different states being represented in different ways..  waiting to see the armed forces marching with immaculate perfection.. and it was always a tuff choice to make.. between the Delhi parade that would be live telecast in Doordarshan and the Chennai parade that happens few kms from my house. So much of wonder, so much of excitement.. and as the national anthem is played the pride that used to swell in my heart ( I still get inspired by our national anthem).. somewhere i realised i was losing it all..

Cant help but ask myself this question.. what did this day mean to me? Did it mean just another day off from work.. another day filled with special programs and special movies in the television? another day just to relax and recharge my system?

Well i wasnt thinking about the independence we got or the sacrifices made by our leaders and fellow citizens to get us that independence. I was just wondering where the excitement went.. pinning the national flag.. singing the national anthem.. standing there mesmerised as the tanks pass by.. trying to get the salute right.. wondering how President stood there giving the salute for such a long time.... :)

It is such a special day for this great nation and me born in this nation at one of its best era.. I dont have great things in mind yet.. but in my own small ways, i definitely think i can contribute... It is a day i believe to promise myself that someday i will make this country proud in my own small or big way i still dont know.. !!!!