Thursday, September 9, 2010

seating arrangements

never known seating arrangements could make a difference at work place..

Joined a new company and was allocated a desk..right opposite to my big boss.. few people in my team looked at me with a sense of vengance.. their stare seem to tell me this is not fair.. Little did i realise what they meant, until recently....

Due to various vastu reasons our team location was changed from one end of the floor to the other end.. and it so happened now all those people who looked at me with vengance, now look at me with a sense of satisfaction.. again i wonder.... and little did i realise until recently..

Human nature i tell you.. what delight in seeing some one go through the same uncomfortableness that we went through.. what delight in seeing someone in fix.. what delight in seeing some one get embarssed.. what delight in seeing some one controlled..

That was the satisfaction i saw in their faces.. my 22 inch monitor (which i was all smiles when i received it) has today turned a traitor allowing a forget 90 degree.. forget 180 degree.. forget 360 degree... i would say a three dimensional picture of what i do to my big boss.. yeah.. :(  it is his desk that is currently diagonal to mine giving him a perfect view of my monitor...

aaaaaaaaaggrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh!! what else can i do but be procative.. what else can i do but say no to procastination.. seating arrangements i tell you...... makes all the difference...!!! :D

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