Saturday, October 9, 2010

Existential timing

Just a run through of few years in my life..

Cleared my twelth standard exams with good marks and decided to take up Chartered Accountancy. Dad insisted on me going to college. Given that i did my schooling in a Christian institute the obvious choice was Stella.. but things did not work out the way we wanted and i ended up in Ethiraj evening college.. I did not like it as none of my school friends joined along with me.. Little did i know when i stepped into the college i will find a treasure which i will cherish for my lifetime.. Got a very very sweet friend who is today my best best friend.. :)

Joined CA and after lots and lots of debate joined articleship in my uncle's firm. My first job and it meant a lot to me.. with lots of questions i walked into the office. Little did i know when i stepped into that office i will find another sweet cute friend who is today another best friend of mine.. :)

Cleared CA got placed through campus placements in an MNC in Bangalore.. relocated for the job. Dont ask me how the first few months were.. away from home i was totally messed up.. New place, new office, no friends, no known faces.. nobody to talk to.. it was very difficult. But as time passed and i looked around... i realized i was surrounded by friends. Be it my roomie..or my team mate.. or buddy.. or my crazy sindhi friend... :) Little did i know when i stepped into blr that i will find such lovely friends and a sweet buddy.. :)

Two years in blr.. lots of activities happening in life.. decided to relocate back to Chennai. Started looking out for a job seriously and landed with one in no time. In the process found a different friend... again little did i know what was in store for me when i relocated back.. :)

Four months in the city.. a question of relocation came up again... few learning experiences.. few tough decisions had to be taken.. little did i  know the bigger picture... Life continued....
Subject plus a project of Alma Mater is something i always wanted to be a part of, this year got a chance to participate in it... and I finished it successfully.. in process i understood there is always a bigger picture in life...

Today as i was sitting in the concluding session of subject plus.. with masterminds no longer compulsory.. i was stumped by yet another twist.. This is the first mm that is not mandatory after subject plus.. and i am skipping it.. :) timing thats all i can say..

So many times i have been told about fate.. about destiny.. about a divine plan that guides us through.. Never have i realised its presence in my life to such a great degeree.. i can go on and on with so many "little did i know when i stepped in" experiences in my life.

Just looking back at all those moments in life.. in each disappointment.. or should i say in each change or each transition i have found someone special walking into my life.. so many of these people, i know will remain with me for a long long time...or should i say a lifetime.. :) i have to wait and see.. but experiencing them has been a wonderful wonderful experience.. these are people outside the family yet they all seem so much a part of the family..  :D

Love you guys!!

Sunday is coming... why dont you take a few mins off.. press the rewind button and look at all your blessings... which have come into your life...invariably you will be in awe at the perfect timing..

i call it existential timing.. !!!

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