Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sometimes you just cant help it...

i have been warned of consequences if i write this article... but sometimes you just cant help it.. human tendency i would call it.. but i know some would say its sheer kollupu.. sheer timuru.. sheer bandha.. and rebelliousness.. yeah.. whatever be it sometimes you just cant help it.

Okay i know i have tested your patience enough. The point is i went for a walk today early in the morning for forty five mins. Ya.. i did need some motivation and bro came along. Trust me the first line he uttered as we were about to begin our walk was.."mind you go and post this in your blog.. and you will surely face the consequence". One thing i like about my bro is sometimes he talks sense.. and today was no exception. As  we were about to finish our walk.. (one he was surprised i covered so much distance in so less time.. two he jogged and i walked still it looked as if i worked out more) jokes apart he said something very beautiful... he said there is nothing great about doing things once.. doing it consistently is when you can take the pride in telling the world you did....

So why am i writing this article with just one day of walking... hee heee when you are threatened you surely wish to explore the possibilities.. and you just want to prove the point... sometimes you just cant help it..

love u bro..

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