Friday, October 22, 2010

here i go again !! :)

hee hee guys!! based on the overwhelming response for my first telugu goes another one..

This will go way beyond your expectations!! So fasten ur seat belts and here i go..

Imagine a scenario.... everybody but you have work in office, people who rarely work also seem to be occupied or posing to be occupied with work. All phone lines are busy.... when you are vetti the whole world seems to be busy!! Out of one such vetti hour.. one more jewel has been added to this precious treasure of mine :)

Kit kat thinandi break velandi..
Manishulu busy andi.. 
Wait cheyadam thappadhandi..
Andukenandi calendar blocking antaru..
Meeting requests pamputaru..
Meru cheppandi time undhandi..
Antha scene enduku le andi..
Meru chala busy andi..
Kaani hardly working andi.
So appudappudu work thappadhandi..
Bye andi
Deal a no deal andi??.. :D

This is written in a language called 'andi language' that has its script borrowed from telugu.