Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Passing by...!!

Hmm! another year is passing by, several dreams fulfilled, goals achieved, plans put to action.. and most importantly resolutions kept!!

Congrats for being chosen as one of them to start this New Year with my blog

As i step into the New Year these lines by Robert Frost flash through my mind “Two roads diverge in a yellow wood.” And here i stop to ponder and guess what; I too have two roads to tread on. I can either chose to live with my past laurels still hovering dominant in my mind or can chose to make the most of this coming year by keeping them at the back of my mind.

Since i chose the latter, this is my last chance to savour this year which has been the first best year away from home. Professionally, personally, intellectually, spiritually, i have put a pillaiyar soli.. and in the course of the coming year plan to sketch, colour, paint and decorate each of these pages....

Isn’t it beautiful to just stop by and look back at what all 2009 has given you? So many “Those moments” experience.... so many take off reasons... so many life changing experiences.. thought provoking and perception changing instances... so many cause for celebrations.. so many many many gifts...

Ah!! I am signing off to fully devour my year.... as i know... i have miles to go before i sleep!! Miles to go before i sleep!!!

Happy NEW Year

Monday, December 28, 2009

i have a dream...

Hey world i have a dream! A dream to touch every kid and tell him, hey kid you are not alone, let the world put you down hundred times i am there to lift you one more time. Let the world call you an orphan, an underprivileged i am there to shower bounties of love and affection on you. Let the world scream and tell you... you cannot, i am there to motivate you to tell you... darling you can.!!!! I have a dream to start a home for children. A home full of love, full of warmth, full of affection.... a home around which no kid would feel alone, no kid would feel used, no kid would feel deprived, no kid would feel inferior. I have a dream to see every child in my nation living a happy, fulfilling and child like life. I have a dream to see a world, of children, living out of happiness than sorrow, out of abundance than poverty, out of innocence born out of the purity of their heart and feeling than the cunningness to cheat and earn a living. I have a dream to touch every budding life, to teach, to care for, to love, to inspire. I have a dream to see a world filled with children living a happy, carefree and a responsible life. I have a dream today to be there for the kids when they need a friendly touch, a loving word, a motivating talk, a quite hug, a shoulder to lean on and a friend to standby. I have a dream today..... to make a difference.

power of prayer...

Lakshmi Pooja, Sarawathi Pooja, Ganesh Pooja, and so many other pooja’s we do. Have you ever thought of why we do these Pooja’s? Yes, it is a form of thanks giving, it is a day to remember, it is a day to express our love and gratitude. But why did our culture and religious rituals have so many pooja’s at various points in time… that to, to so many different Gods? If all Gods are one and if there is only one force that runs this universe why have so many symbols? Why not pray to that one God?

Ever thought about it?
A familiar word ” sub-conscious mind”. How much ever we consciously try, our life is ruled by our sub conscious mind. The more we become conscious of our sub conscious mind the more faster, more stronger and more vibrant we can grow. You just wished, if that person called now, it would be great….. and lo behold! from somewhere that phone call comes! You are amazed and you call it coincidence. In life there is nothing called co incidence. Everything happens with a purpose, with a hidden intention. Just that we are not aware of it at that point. Your mere wish became a reality and that is the power of your sub conscious mind. A saying goes.
“The power of man is in the power of his thoughts. The power of his thoughts is in the power of his mind. The power of his mind is in the power of his sub conscious mind.”
Legends are born out of thoughts, it was just a thought and Newton was born, it was just a thought and Mahatma Gandhi was born, it was just a thought and Nano came into existence. That is the power of your thoughts. That is the power of your sub conscious mind.
Our ancestors realized this power within and wanted to harness it in the right direction. So they set up few rituals or code of conduct which we need to strictly adhere to and one such ritual is doing Pooja.
Well you may say, I still don’t get it, why do Pooja?
What do you do when you do Pooja? Some of us just say the prayer but along with that all our wishes and desires too come out.. Don’t they?
So, a symbol was given for those who want money worship Lakshmi; those who want scholarliness worship Saraswathi and so on..
Every time you worship, the thought that you want to become rich; the thought that you want to study well; becomes stronger and stronger and slowly from your conscious mind it moves to your sub conscious mind and soon it becomes a reality. Oh! If I do Laskshmi pooja I will become rich is it? Well, you will become rich with less effort. Nothing can happen without action. The only difference will be, now both your conscious and sub conscious mind will be striving towards it. Haven’t there been times we have sat for a Pooja only because we need to do it? Only because it is a daily ritual?
Now that we understand the science behind it, let us respect the sanctity. We have always looked at Pooja as a communication to GOD. But the deceptive designer we have!! Look at his design. Is Pooja a communication to the one above? Or is it a communication to the one within? Isn’t it true that Pooja is a communication to yourself.. to your within.. to your sub conscious mind? Each time you make that wish, you are telling yourself that you want it and slowly that wanting becomes stronger and it’s just a matter of time before you get it!
Is prayer a communication to GOD or a communication to the within?
Well what ever be it, the next time you do your Pooja, do it whole heartedly. At least, let our heart sing for the ways that GOD has given us to reach our goals and ambitions!!!

Paradox isn’t it

Tears roll down in gratitude..
Tears roll down due to betrayal..
Tears roll down in love
Tears roll down out of hurt
Tears roll down out of laughter
Tears roll down out of pain
Tears roll down out of compassion
Tears roll down out of anger
Tears roll down for being blessed with such a wonderful life
Tears roll down at the thought of what a curse this life
Tears roll down for leaving a loved one
Tears roll down at the thought of that loved one
Tears roll down thinking of all the gifts we have in this life
Tears roll down thinking of all that we don’t have
Tears roll down out of Devotion
Tears roll down out of Bhakthi
Tears roll down out of love for the creator
Tears roll down for the love he showers on you

Tears roll down…..

Life is all about those moments

Those moments that light up your face with a smile..
Those moments which brings a tear down your eyes
Those moments that you gift to your loved ones
Those moments that where gifted to you by life
Those moments that you felt so complete
Those moments that completed you as a creation
Those moments where you felt a sense of peace within
Those moments where there is so much of disturbance yet you feel centered within
Those moments you felt so alone yet so full
Those moments that filled you with pride
Those moments of naughty thoughts
Those moments of childish acts
Those moments of success
Those moments of achievements
Those moments in prayer
Those moments with music
Those moments in meditation
Those moments in devotion
Those moments with the all pervasive
Those moments of nothing
Those moments in silence
Those moments of love
Those moments … those glimpses… of the beyond..
Those are the moments of life… hold on to them…

take off

silver jubilee,..time for celebration!!!

i was one among the many who dreaded the silver jubilee year. Not cos it reminds me how responsible i have become in all these years or that people around me are aging that much faster!!! :) It’s a cute yet weird feeling.. it is the same anxiety we feel in the last over of an India\Pak cricket match, it is the pressurising, yet thrilling tension that one goes through b4 stepping in for an interview for the dream job or that fearful excitement with which one embarks into a lonely long journey. it is with that childish excitement, that tensed anxiety, that urge, that passion, that thrill...

i take off on my silver jubilee year!!!!!

Hope u enjoy the journey as i do.... happy reading!!!

If not, if you are too stubborn, if you are bent on hoping against my hope....i promise.. i will leave no stone unturned to bug you with another blog on my golden jubilee....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

dry leaf

I am a dry leaf.
I will be tossed by the wind, scorched by the sun, drenched by the rain…
but I will flow…
for I am a dry leaf…
which sings to the music of the world, which dances to the tunes of nature,
for I am a dry leaf as light as a feather or even lighter I am a dry leaf…
playing to the tunes of the creator,
dancing to the beat of the life, flying at times…
rolling at times caught in the mischief of the wind…
Ah!! I am a dry leaf….
I have no tension, no sorrows, no stress, no problems, no challenges, no depressions, no worries, no anxiety, no questions…
about tomorrow… about yesterday.. about present.. about past..about future... about people.. about anything.. about everything… about nothing.. about myself.. about life.
I don’t think.. I don’t have to… I am taken care off....
Hugged by the air.. kissed by the dew drops… caressed by mother earth…
Oh! How much I am loved by all….. for I am a dry leaf!!!!
Let me fly as a dry leaf… let me live as a dry leaf… let me just be… for he will take care of me… for I am just a dry leaf!!!