Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"little hearts"

They walk into your life as you step into a new world. A world of knowledge and wisdom.
You start as cry mates, crying all the while.
You never know when this bond becomes that of laughing.
Soon you find yourself in each others company crying out of laughter.
Then comes a time.. i call it the cribbing time.. anything and everything about the world you crib.
You feel why the world around you is so dumb.. not accepting your opinions not understanding your view points..
During all those times the bond becomes that of a supporting pillar.
Slowly you start appreciating and seeing the beauty around you.. during all those times they become your sight seeing buddy..
During time of need they become the shoulder you lean on..
Slowly.. gently.. even without your knowledge.. they creep so much into your heart..
That one fine day you understand somehow..somewhere this bond has become so much a part of you..
That you no longer think of them as apart from you..