Saturday, October 30, 2010

lets keep it simple!

Not a stone unturned. You tried your best.. and possibly a little more.

I am sure all of you would have gone through such moments. You know you want it and you believe thats the right thing to happen.. and you do everything within your control to make it possible. But somehow things don't happen the way you desire. They say when you want something very badly.. thats when he plays with you.. and he tests your patience. your tolerance..

During all such times all you can do is to sigh helplessly and wonder what is he preparing me for.. what does he want me to understand.. what has he in store for me.. what is it he wants me to look that i am overlooking.. where is it that i need to bring in those corrections or adjustments.. questions pop up... what are the signs that he is showing that am not seeing.. possibly he wants me to develop acceptance.. possibly he wants me to fight harder.. for the harder you fight the more you cherish and the more meaningful your victory becomes. Does he want it my way? or does he want it his way? Should i accept and give in? or should i be more stubborn and more rigid? What is it that i want? and at what cost do i want it? what is the "trade off" am willing to pay.. accept...

I cant help but wonder at the design of life.. it creates in you a strong desire and makes you feel you are in control of your life.. yet there is a twist and it also shows you how helpless you are in fulfilling that desire. Hee!! my friend says its all about choices and what you are willing to trade off.. So true cant help but agree she has a point.. but somehow i am fascinated by this paradox of desiring yet not being able to get it...

Possibly this intellectual mind of mine cant comprehend or understand the logic behind the whole thing.. but from somewhere deep within a voice whispers.. "charavati  charavati" (keep going keep going) and the heart cries "lets see how the game goes!"

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