Wednesday, September 8, 2010

small things

I just love this theme... :)

am wondering...

are these rain drops on the window sil..
are these dew drops on the car glasses...

wat ever be it.. it gives me a sense of high..nature how beautiful. and am so thankful to Him for giving me this heart to admire, adore, appreciate and love these small small things.. to many these are nothing..

have heard this statement several times and each time i wonder and each time i realise the truth behind it...
"Success is in the big things of life..
Happiness is in the small things of life....

small acts.. small thoughts.. small words.. small deeds.. small actions.. small gestures.. small chats.. small things..

thats all it takes to make your life happy and blissfull..

"love u" such a small sentence.. but the happiness it flowers in our hearts when we hear it from our loved ones.. as master card ad says.. priceless..!!!!

Small thats all it takes to build big and great lives..

There is nothing called insignificant..


  1. So true, that small things matter a lot :D
    'Chinna chinna anbil dhaane jeevan innum irukku' :D

    P.S.: That was from a song in Indian :)