Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is it worth it?

Do you have the right to do this to your loved ones?
I had not know him very well, met a couple of times. From what I remember, he was a very nice guy, outspoken, friendly, ambitious, smart and intelligent. Eldest son of a middle class family, yes as most of the families they pinned their hopes on him. Hope for a better future, hope for a better quality of life, hope for a good standard of living, hope that they would grow up and move up in this lifetime. He was their hope and he too knew it.

He took up education with full vigour and joined a college in Chennai. Life was on a roll, he enjoyed the independence, the new sense of responsibility, the challenge his course offered and above all he loved what he was doing. One of the outstanding students in the class, he was all geared up for the campus interview.

Call it fate, blame it on your stars, call it by any name you want the fact remains the same. That day he decided to board an electric train to visit his aunt’s place and life has never been the same for his loved ones.

I was on a vacation when i heard the news of his loss. 20 years is this the age... a train accident... is this the way... I was shocked...I could not comprehend the facts; his family would not even get to see his remains. Whom do I curse? Do I curse the train? Do I curse the boy? Do I curse life? Do I curse God? Do I curse fate? Whom should I blame for the plight of his family? For the pain, the trauma, the suffering, the depression, the loss that the family would go through. Whom should I hold responsible?

Relatives and friends where frantically thinking of a way to break the news to the boy’s family. What could they tell, to a mother, whose entire life revolved around her son, a sister who looked up to her brother as a role model, a father who was taking pride and satisfaction in the way his son’s life was shaping, grandparents who lived their last few years with the hope to see him grow... to see him achieve. How do you tell this family that their son is no more?

In the midst of all these, one question in all our minds was, how did it happen? He was ran over by a speeding train as he was crossing the track. But how could he miss a train coming? How could he be so blind? So deaf? The answer was simple; he was talking on his mobile phone as he was crossing the railway track.

I was shaken. Had that boy waited to pick the call until he reached the platform, today he would have been alive. Irony isn’t it “Mobile Phone”, “I Pod”, “MP3 Player” seem to rule our life. While walking, jogging, crossing, driving, riding we are hooked on to them. Nothing seems to exist. Replying to that message becomes important as you are walking on the road, answering that phone call becomes vital as you are driving your car, listening to that song becomes a necessity as you are riding your bike, talking and listening, oblivious to everything happening around you seems correct doesn’t it? His life has taught me, it’s not worth it... that mess, that missed call, that song, that call is not worth it, not worth the risk, not worth the minute, not worth the safety I am trading, not worth the pain and suffering my loved ones would go through, not worth my future and ... it’s definitely not worth my life. I had to lose a cousin to realise this....


  1. I agree with you! Seriously, everyone thinks they are immortal till mortality strikes near.
    Well said; nothing is more important than life itself! :)

  2. shaken by reading the incident... feels like things have been told only for me and my life.. Evry single word seems to have been written for me... :-(

  3. Well said Rammy.. nothing is more important than life.. !!!

  4. As usual I hav a different view, was speaking over mobile d reason for the accident.. jus thnk...

    I thnk if d person wud hav used the Subway or overbridge this wud have been avoided..
    For me the Primary reason seems to be TRESSPASSING and incidental is Usage of

    Note: This doesn't mean I'm advocating Usage of Mobile but just highlighting the
    cause, so tat the Primary reason be avoided...

  5. agree he could have used the bridge. the point is many of us have the habit of talking over the phone when we cross the road or when we drive... i am just pointing out that the distraction when u are on the road.. could be serious.. and could cost you a lot..