Thursday, September 15, 2016

Random thoughts

Sitting in the lap of sophistication,
Staring into a PowerPoint presentation,
I wonder what is the stage of my stagnation 
Is it due to sleep deprivation?
Oh, my mind has reached its saturation.

I shake myself into concentration,
Why do people love communication?
They keep reiterating trivial variations,
Their incessant talk pushes me to frustration.

I look for a mode of transportation,
That can take me to the land of meditation,
I wish I could escape from this thought destitution,
Drown myself into some music from a radio station,
My only hope for some relaxation.

Alas, I look at my location,
I am in a workshop with a limitation,
I focus on the voice with sweet connotation,
Will the blabbering ever have a direction?

Scribbling away my imagination,
Oblivious to my current situation,
Inviting stares from all direction,
Oops, I am the centre of attraction,

Smells from the kitchen tickle my sensation,
Dreamy is my state of realisation,
Thoughts of the yonder beckon my attention,
Its time to bid adieu to this rendition,
My Random Thoughts collection..