Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh!!! I am growing....

There is so much to say, so much to write, thoughts cloud my mind, but words fail to express.
My heart cries aloud, but the mind refuses to budge, oh how am i caught in between this tuff dual.
Yet i chose to listen to my heart, and here i try to pour it out.
Time they say heals everything...time they say speeds across everything.... and it is this time that has changed so many things and yes my life is no exception...
It just seems like yesterday, i packed my bags to move towards a new dream, towards a rising horizon, towards a new career.
Away from loved ones. Away not knowing what it meant to be away. Not knowing what to expect, what to accept.. was the journey scary u would ask me..
Not just scary it was terrible i would say. Alone and lonely, scared to death (you know me brave face in the forefront), depressed yet cheerful, frightened yet optimistic.. yes that was me..something within and something outside..
It was different, difficult and stressful and slowing things seemed to change...the fog seemed to clear and i found a lot. My eyes opened to all the wonderful people around me, to all the good things that was happening to me, all the heart warming beautiful moments i experienced.. that i got to cherish for life time. So may good buddies.... so many good friends and so many good people.. i never knew relationships could mean so much. i experienced a depth i have never felt before, a blind love towards life the way i have never felt is beautiful when you see world with a different eye. The journey that started into the unknown with just one faith and belief carried me through and here i take another decision and in a whisker... just at the wink of an eye my life is taking a whole new turn..a whole new meaning ..a new perspective.

It may be stupid to hear it from me, but the fact is... it is still sinking in... its slowly seeping in... the fact and the thought that i am growing.... my loved ones are growing.... a new generation is coming in.....
It has hits me hard..each time i see that beard on my brother’s face..each time i hear my kid sister taking about kid brother negotiating with his mom...toddlers moving into high school... things are changing... growing around you and me.

Just stopped by to tell all of you that i love you and thanks for being there all along... supporting me encouraging me.... i still feel like a kid.... i don’t want to acknowledge that i am growing.. but the fact remains.... and it is still sinking in......
Oh!!! i am growing.. :)

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  1. :) heartfelt!!!
    seriously u old-lady; you should be thankful you have young friends!