Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Between 10 and 11

Love you so much!

I have a few very good habits (along with lots of good habits) that I follow, thanks to the teaching of my Guru, one such habit is to read something positive before I sleep. Today started like just another day and after almost a week took December issue of infini thoughts to read. Opened a random page and guess what it was a page of spotting 11 differences. Unlike the picture in the previous issues this one seemed to be very hard, the two pictures had around 200 cars parked and we need to identify the differences. I had seen the picture earlier but did not give it shot as I was too impatient. Well today I seemed to be more poised (could be on account of eating my own cooking for a whole day :D) and started identifying differences. Whenever I get into this game of identifying differences I always follow a process, I have a plan, I start from right to left, bottom up.. first row no luck and second row onwards differences seemed to be pouring.  Now my mind was playing tricks with me.. it kept tempting me with random thoughts but somehow today I continued to focus. All I had to do was see the two pictures right till the end and eleven differences seemed no big deal. As I spotted the 10th difference a very interesting thought came to my mind.

Isnt every aspect of life similar to what I had done now?

Mind being mind and mine being very impatient, it gave me a run of several instances, it was bursting with zillion thoughts. Isnt life all about staying in the moment, to focus one step at a time and hold on. Learning to ride a bike, put yourself through few months of training every day one at a time try to bridge the gap and a month later you are not a menace in the road. Learn to drive a car, learning a new language, picking up additional responsibilities, trying to solve an issue, entering a school, going to a college, stepping into the workplace, isn’t it all about putting yourself into the process in a planned manner and the process takes over and leads you to the destination. All I have to do is put myself through the process and everything is taken care. A child gets delivered when a woman puts herself through the process of pregnancy.

My guru always kept telling me focus on getting the process right results will happen. My husband kept telling me in the last few months enjoy the process as much as the result. This realisation dawned today between the 10th and the 11th difference.  Losing weight, becoming a marathon runner, cracking an exam.. guess it all boils down to getting a planned process in place and life will take over and carry me to the destination.

I have a world which hails number 11, with all these thoughts between the 10th and 11th difference, I cant agree more its all in the number!

I have a lot more very good habits to develop, looks like its time I come up with a planned process for each of them J.

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