Wednesday, May 2, 2012

tuff times

Anger is a negative emotion. Getting angry has hazardous effect on the body. Acids and chemicals form compounds which are detrimental to the body. This is the biological part of it. There is also an ego issue associated here, many a times ego is the reason for anger not the issue per say. In all these circumstances a little bit of understanding of the way the mind thinks will help in becoming normal.
It’s very simple every time you get angry on a person or when seeing a person causes some irritation or creates negative vibes… remember this ‘THE KEY FOR YOU GETTING ANGRY SHOULD BE WITH YOU AND NOT WITH THAT PERSON’.

You are in a very good mood doing your work and some interaction with “A” person spoils your mood or worse makes you angry remember the above sentence (it’s with a reason I have put it in bold capital letter).

Allow your ego to work here, let your ego ask you does this person have the power to spoil my mood.. just a little manipulation with the ego and peace is guaranteed .

Beware it’s like holding a two edged knife, if you don’t know to handle it you might perish with it. Give it a thought if ego is used rightly may be it will guarantee some peace to you and the environment around you.

Thanks to the “A” person I have vented out in this post and I will implement this the next time I meet the “A” . I sign off with a thought in my mind and heart, hoping.. ‘Tuff times don’t last put tuff people do’ (you know what I mean by times…)!!!

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