Monday, December 28, 2009

take off

silver jubilee,..time for celebration!!!

i was one among the many who dreaded the silver jubilee year. Not cos it reminds me how responsible i have become in all these years or that people around me are aging that much faster!!! :) It’s a cute yet weird feeling.. it is the same anxiety we feel in the last over of an India\Pak cricket match, it is the pressurising, yet thrilling tension that one goes through b4 stepping in for an interview for the dream job or that fearful excitement with which one embarks into a lonely long journey. it is with that childish excitement, that tensed anxiety, that urge, that passion, that thrill...

i take off on my silver jubilee year!!!!!

Hope u enjoy the journey as i do.... happy reading!!!

If not, if you are too stubborn, if you are bent on hoping against my hope....i promise.. i will leave no stone unturned to bug you with another blog on my golden jubilee....

1 comment:

  1. Yes my friend. Run way is enough. Take off ! The sky is OURs!

    - Paraman Pachaimuthu