Monday, December 28, 2009

i have a dream...

Hey world i have a dream! A dream to touch every kid and tell him, hey kid you are not alone, let the world put you down hundred times i am there to lift you one more time. Let the world call you an orphan, an underprivileged i am there to shower bounties of love and affection on you. Let the world scream and tell you... you cannot, i am there to motivate you to tell you... darling you can.!!!! I have a dream to start a home for children. A home full of love, full of warmth, full of affection.... a home around which no kid would feel alone, no kid would feel used, no kid would feel deprived, no kid would feel inferior. I have a dream to see every child in my nation living a happy, fulfilling and child like life. I have a dream to see a world, of children, living out of happiness than sorrow, out of abundance than poverty, out of innocence born out of the purity of their heart and feeling than the cunningness to cheat and earn a living. I have a dream to touch every budding life, to teach, to care for, to love, to inspire. I have a dream to see a world filled with children living a happy, carefree and a responsible life. I have a dream today to be there for the kids when they need a friendly touch, a loving word, a motivating talk, a quite hug, a shoulder to lean on and a friend to standby. I have a dream today..... to make a difference.


  1. good one . Make you dream come true

  2. Action speaks louder than words!!