Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Passing by...!!

Hmm! another year is passing by, several dreams fulfilled, goals achieved, plans put to action.. and most importantly resolutions kept!!

Congrats for being chosen as one of them to start this New Year with my blog

As i step into the New Year these lines by Robert Frost flash through my mind “Two roads diverge in a yellow wood.” And here i stop to ponder and guess what; I too have two roads to tread on. I can either chose to live with my past laurels still hovering dominant in my mind or can chose to make the most of this coming year by keeping them at the back of my mind.

Since i chose the latter, this is my last chance to savour this year which has been the first best year away from home. Professionally, personally, intellectually, spiritually, i have put a pillaiyar soli.. and in the course of the coming year plan to sketch, colour, paint and decorate each of these pages....

Isn’t it beautiful to just stop by and look back at what all 2009 has given you? So many “Those moments” experience.... so many take off reasons... so many life changing experiences.. thought provoking and perception changing instances... so many cause for celebrations.. so many many many gifts...

Ah!! I am signing off to fully devour my year.... as i know... i have miles to go before i sleep!! Miles to go before i sleep!!!

Happy NEW Year

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